Maybe I'm a solipsist?
Because I am obsessed, and my darkest fear is,
That I continue to exist; or, maybe I'm a pessimist;
Call me Schopenhauer,
I'll trudge forth to my darkest hour,
May-flowers; but denied my April shower.
When it comes to me, enemies know one word: Devour!

I continue the fight-or-flight
hated by both worlds; represent the black and the white.
Now, I do agree, that there is much beauty in the verse,
but in all honesty, all I can see is the curse.
I can say there is one thing we can all agree on:
This shit is only getting worse!

I want the world, but can't seem to come full circle,
and I've been told to drop dead, guess its time to meet Nergal!
I so want to be called Nicholson, cause I want to start shining,
I can't level up even though all I do is grinding.
Yes! My thoughts are unreliable, and this too is undeniable.
So I'll try to take a stand, see how horrible the trial goes.
Now watch as the enemies come out in droves.


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