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Anime Adrenaline! 2023 Summer Season Edition

     Ah, summer. The sun's out, the guns are out, and it is officially bikini season. And yet, here I am in my humble abode watching some of the newest anime this season. I wouldn't have it any other way, especially with the uptick in global temperatures and shark attacks going on (it's true, look it up !) maybe it is best I just watch more anime.      As a caveat, there are only two shows this time around that have caught my attention. But boy, oh boy, have they captured my mind and had my ass glued firmly into my seat! But enough talk, here is your dose of Anime Adrenaline for the summer!  Zom 100: Bucketlist of the Dead The picture to the left of you is all you need to know if this show is right for you. If you like splashes of color and joy thrown about your media like candy then Zom 100: Bucketlist of the Dead is right up your alley. Oh, and as the picture shows there are also zombies. But unlike a lot of the zombie fare peddled in movies and shows, Zom 100: Bucketlist

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