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Anime Adrenaline! 2023 Spring Season Edition

  In 2020, I published my first book Anime Adrenaline and since then I have written more geeky things. I have received support, some good reviews, and inspiration to continue writing about that which I love in this world--Anime! It has been a wild ride and I am not getting off of it any time soon.  The world of anime is vast and more and more are coming out of studios faster than most fans can keep up! I am no exception, my head spins at the staggering amount flying at me faster than a missile, and with the new 2023 Spring season upon us, here are three anime that I have watched the first episode of and give my initial thoughts. So strap in for a new season, you're about to get another hit of Anime Adrenaline! Hell's Paradise         When Freddie Mercury sang to us in his exquisite voice asking the simple question, "Who wants to live forever?" Many, myself included, shook our heads in exuberance and didn't stop to consider the consequences of such a question. Afte

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