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Dallas' Book Report: One Rainy Night by Richard Laymon (1991)

  Horror is my forte.  Whether it is a film, video games, and--obviously if you are on this page--literature, I have always had a soft spot for scary places. Coworkers of mine had stood there, puzzled, when I said I visited The Winchester Mystery House. Others have thought that I needed either a shrink or a priest when I have claimed that I would buy a house at a dirt-cheap price--even if several of the former murdered residents now haunt the grounds.  If it deals with the spooky, the unknown, or the downright terrifying then it will have my full attention. And few authors write about scary events like Richard Laymon . And his 1991 novel, One Rainy Night , is no exception--even if it is not his greatest work. Taking place in a small town in California, One Rainy Night follows the exploits of several townspeople who have to survive a night in hell after a mysterious black rainstorm rolls into town. Leaving behind a black sludge, whenever anyone is touched by it they turn into a raving p

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