About Me

Wow, you actually clicked on this.

Where do I begin? I think an introduction is in order. My name is Dallas Marshall and as the title of my website says, I am a writer.

Ever since I was a young boy I loved to throw words together. I would watch some of my favorite TV shows or read some of my favorite books and imagine myself in them. I would rewrite the story with me being the hero, or I ponder on how I would do something different with the story; augmenting it in some kind of way.

Yes, it was fanfiction that got me into writing!

I loved stories and storytelling, so I threw myself into the world of comics, video games, anime, and horror/fantasy novels. These outlets where my escape from the harsh world I grew up in. I loved these stories so much that for years I was a professional anime journalist, but in time I wanted more than that. Curiosity will always get the better of you, so here is where you can find all of my old anime journalistic endeavors

I left that behind and have decided to go back to my roots as a child; writing stories. Instead of being a fan of something someone else created, I want to be the creative force.

Dallas The Writer is my domain, and here you can explore my poetry and stories. Of course, old habits die hard and I will also submit pieces where I talk about an inspirational film or a video game that I love. And book discussions—lots and lots of book discussions.

I am happy that you have found my literary stomping ground!


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