Go My Way

I may have lost it all,
but now I have heard truth's call,
it may not be easy,
but the alternative to this makes me feel queasy.

So please see,
that the only option I have is to be me,
Going my own way—
So please take a deep breath and count to three.

Because I know you hate to hear it,
and what I'm about to do; you fear it,
the shit I'm about to do is drastic,
but please—don't get spastic.

I've looked at the game and have decided to walk away,
I've concluded; the only way to win—
Is not to play.
Vote with my feet; I'll walk my way.

You've claimed to have seen the product, but all I see is an empty shelf.
Those shysters among us, their mode is in stealth.
So now that you've seen it like me;
do us both a favor—and leave it be.


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